Our system is called a 'hot water extractor' or a 'truck-mounted steam cleaner'. Called truck-mounted because all the heavy duty equipment is installed in our Van and we only bring in a cleaning wand and two hoses that hook to the van. Mounted in the van is a 18 HorsePower Briggs&Stratton engine (like on a riding lawnmower) which runs a Cat290 water pump and a large dresser blower, which produces a very strong vacuume. With this strong vacuume our dry times are fair, 4-6 hours on medium humid day with medium pile carpet. For the vigorous cleaning your carpet gets, this dry time is worth it. Our system can be described as a pressure washer with a vacuume. First, your carpet gets pre-sprayed with a strong detergent and areas of concern are agitated some to aid in the removal. Pre-spraying is important to get the dirt loosened up and rising to the surface so you can wash and rinse it out more effectively. Next we come in with the cleaning wand, spraying 400psi of 150° F water, and wash/rinse/vacuume your carpet clean moving back and forth, similar to how you would vacuume your home. By applying the detergent pre-spray first and washing/rinsing second we virtually remove all the detergent we sprayed down and we do not leave any residue behind. If any detergent residue is left behind it will be sticky and attract dirt at an amazing rate and you will have dirty carpet again before you know it. When your carpet is dry it will feel soft, not sticky or crunchy. Some customers have told us that their carpet stays cleaner longer when cleaned by Clean-Extreme than any other company. Systems with weak vacuums are unable to pull out enough moisture to provide a good dry time and this can damage the carpet by leaving it too wet. If your carpet stays wet for over 2 days or so this will lead to the glue breaking down that holds the carpet to the backing and your carpet will be ruined. This machine does for your carpet what a washing machine does for your cloths. When we first witnessed a system like ours we were in business in less than 6 months. We feel that this system and method is head and shoulders above the rest. If we found a better way to clean carpet we would change methods. Our goal is to bring you the best, not anything less. If we had to use any other type of carpet cleaning system, I would change professions.

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